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Let us help you with your

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What is Virtual Project Assistant and how to manage?

Amazing team

Remote workers provide their own tools. You don’t need to supply office tools like a computer, photocopy machine, phones, etc. No need to spend money on face to face meetings and a big office space with our members.

Since you are not only limited to one specific geographical location, you have a greater chance of getting the best person you need for a job, just apply and we will match the must suitable one for you.

Our team members are your team members, and they do not have to travel to work each day. You no longer have to worry about employees who are always late to get to work thus reducing productivity. We already took care of that.

Your remote team is independent and they tend to be creative in performing tasks. Once they know what is your expectation from them, they work hard to produce a good result, we asure.

Communication, being the most important element in virtual project management, should always be open. The localized communication tool Zalo is as powerful as Whatsapp, supporting us with various functions. Besides, we always have a backup running along with our main communication tool is down to ensure continuous communication among team members.

This is the best way to communicate plans and goals across the board. This will also allow for team members to exchange their thoughts and ideas. We have leaders who have a good meeting management skills, Encourage team members to speak up during meetings, and make sure to set goals every single day. 

Like every other businesses, we follow a stable and solid system. Our team members are made sure to keep things on track and uder control, follow the same system and protocols. They are required to always be on the same page with us.

- Amazing people, amazing VPAs
- Get work done remotely
- High flexibility and reliablity
- No payroll, no additional fees


- Manage all your data and progress in one app
- Keep track of your VPA work without a hassle
- Application available for all platforms

Why MEKONGLINK VPAs are special?


Mekonglink has a professional expert group for Vietnam expansion and market development. We all know the current situation of the Vietnamese market and Mekonglink claims to fully support whatsoever.​

Low Risks

Starting with a very small investment in the Vietnamese market. We do all the tough processes and claim to bring success to your business initial in Vietnam.

Safe and Fast

We support businesses of various companies, sizes and business types, from listed companies to small and medium-sized businesses. Mekonglink provides safest and most effective market development service for companies entering the market.

Community and Support

Our project managers communicate directly with our clients to meet their needs and requirements to facilitate their requests. On the other hand, our community members does a little help to new comers.

Multilingual Industry Experts

Our experts are seasonal professionals, who hold a great command in their area of expertise and specialist in their language and they know significant aspects of it.

Competitive Pricing

You are guaranteed to get the best price for your projects at a high level of quality, no hidden fees or extra charges. With other add-on services, we also provide development plans with optimized fees, enhancing your opportunity in ths market.

Special Offer of Free-of-charge Virtual Office Service

Mekonglink has a professional expert group for Vietnam expansion and market development. We all know the current situation of the Vietnamese market and Mekonglink claims to fully support whatsoever.​



Meet your Mekonglink Business Consultant and together discuss how to grow your business and the best way to achieve it.


After we’ve determined the best criteria development for your business, our platform gets straight to work and analyses who will be the best matches for your company instantly.


Decide which of our Virtual Assistants are best for you, and initiate a discussion. You can even have our analysts facilitate a conversation on your behalf.

Questions For Our Services
If you have any specific questions about our service, please don't hesitate to ask us. Please choose a specific service for our detailed answer. You are also welcome to ask general questions! These services are add-ons to our VPA service, please don't misunderstand.

Feel free to send your questions here!