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Mekonglink is a stable inspection, testing and certification organization in the field of agricultural products in Vietnam.

We provide conformity assessment services for agricultural products, to ensure quality as well as safety regulations and regulations of state management agencies, in accordance with the trend and Practical requirements, help to ensure the prestige and brand of customers.

Mekonglink provides individual services and an integrated service chain for the whole supply chain of agricultural products, from inspection, testing, evaluation, certification and consulting services; To support the company to ensure the quality as well as safety in each stage of production, preservation, transportation and purchase … The group of agricultural products include:

  • Basic agricultural products such as rice, wheat, wheat, dairy, live animals, coffee, pepper, cashew nuts, tea, fresh vegetables and fruits;
  • Derivatives such as bread, butter, cooking oil, meat …;
  • The products are processed from agricultural products such as confectionery, dairy products, sausage, soft drinks, alcohol, beer, tobacco, cotton fiber, raw animal skin …

Mekonglink experts help the company to ensure the quantity and quality required by the purchase contract and prove that the raw materials, production process and products of the company conform to standards and standards. national, international and local standards on safety and quality. Mekonglink is committed to providing tailor-made solutions that are tailored to each customer, maximizing efficiency and cost savings.

Type of service sector of agricultural products


Identify components

Check nutrition and ingredients

Testing and analysis of chemical compounds

Microbiological tests

Toxic test

Biodegradation test

Packaging testing

Inspection of food safety and hygiene


Inspection of quantity and quality

Verification of origin

Condition assessment

Loss assessment & loss distribution

Inspection in the process of production (shop inspection)

Pre-Shipment Inspection

Check packaging, packing specifications

Monitor the loading / unloading process

Warehouse supervision

Evaluate the safety of the supply chain


Evaluation of Good Manufacturing Practices – GMP

Reviewed by BRC Food Standards

OHSAS 18001

Evaluation of HACPP

Factory Review

Environmental Impact Assessment

Consulting and evaluating compliance with food safety requirements

Certificate of greenhouse effect under JCM and ISCC

Management system certification (ISO9001, 14001, 50001, 22001, HACCP …)

Certification of standardized products

Certification of conformity products


Verify supply units

Support to find units to provide goods / services

Fumigation service


Collateral Management


Risk management

Evaluation of sustainable development

Social responsibility assessment

Other sub-industries belonging to Agriculture and Food



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We analyze and check if your product can be tested/inspected/certified


We receive the product and its documents


Bring your product and its documents to our certification office


Final report


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