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Mekonglink's food safety inspection service assists customers in ensuring the quality and safety of food products from raw material inputs, during production, transportation, to the consumer. Our experts are always ready to study and listen to advice on types of services to make business simpler, more effective, minimize risks and save costs.

Food safety is a central issue in most countries around the world, which is of concern to not only consumers but also manufacturers, retailers and government regulators. There are concerns about the quality and safety of food when used, and especially in recent times, consumers are more likely to choose foods that are safe and environment friendly.

The cooperation with Mekonglink on food safety and quality assurance solutions will help enterprises increase their customers’ confidence as well as develop their businesses in a sustainable way.

Mekonglink’s comprehensive service on food safety will support customer in:

  • Comply with local, regional, national and international regulations related to food production and trading.
  • Ensure proper storage, transport, packaging and distribution of the raw materials and food.
  • Ensure quality and safety throughout the food supply chain (fresh, semi-finished and finished food).
  • Risk management, assisting the business meet the requirements of customers on food safety issues.
  • Ensure safety for end users.

Mekonglink's main services include

Analysis and testing of food safety and hygiene: including physiological, microbiological and sensory tests on hygiene and food safety criteria as well as quality of food.

Food Safety Certification & Assessment

Inspection of food supply chain


Testing of Package in direct contact with food


Collateral Management

Sustainability & Social Responsibility Assessment

Emergency Response Solutions

Other sub-industries belonging to Agriculture and Food



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