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Mekonglink's quality testing and evaluation service aims at classifying and evaluating the quality of fishery products in accordance with the requirements and in accordance with the regulations of the respective country.

Aquaculture includes the resources and products from the water that are exploited and harvested by humans for use as food, raw materials or for sale on the market.

Fresh or processed seafood is present in many Vietnamese meals. Aquatic products provide abundant nutrients and improve human health. However, seafood is one of the most demanding products in term of freezing. If not carefully maintained, fishery products are easy to go bad and endanger the user.

With 60 years of experience, Mekonglink is committed to helping you evaluate, reduce risks, certify that your raw material, process, product meet the latest quality and safety standards and give the best condition to get your product into every market in the world.

Mekonglink services for aquatic products


Identify components

Content analysis


Inspection of quantity and quality

Verification of origin

Condition assessment

Safety inspection (mold, micro, RoHS 2 …)

Check packaging, packing specifications

Monitor the loading / unloading process

Inspection before delivery


Certificate of greenhouse effect under JCM and ISCC

Management system certification (ISO9001, 14001, 50001, 22001, HACCP …)

Certification of standardized products

Certification of conformity products

Other sub-industries belonging to Agriculture and Food



Submit your application


We analyze and check if your product can be tested/inspected/certified


We receive the product and its documents


Bring your product and its documents to our certification office


Final report


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