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In order to meet the increasingly stringent requirements of consumers in Vietnam, Mekonglink provides complete inspection and quality assurance services for home appliances, furniture and decorations to ensure quality, safety level, and compliance with regulatory standards and regulations.

Home appliances, furnitures and decorations are manufactured goods that are primarily intended for the comfort of individuals and households. The demand of modern life is extremely high, which leads to a great variety of product groups, including: household electrical appliances; Interior lighting equipment; Home health care instruments; Pottery, glass; Plastic products; Rugs and textiles; furniture from wood; Handicraft products…

Along with the rise of quality of life, consumers are becoming more savvy, rigorous in choosing products for their families. The quality, longevity and safety of imported products are generally believed, but there are also a number of domestically produced products that have won the trust of consumers.

At present, the challenge for consumers and businesses is the situation of counterfeit goods, poor quality, unknown origin in the market in the market. How to buy a quality, known origin and full warranty? At Vinacontrol, we provide services, solutions to help customers solve these concerns.

Mekonglink solutions for home applicances, furnitures and decorations include:


Identify components

Packaging testing


Conformity assessment

Inspection of synchronism

Inspection of the scope of use, specialized use

Inspection of origin

Packaging inspection, code

Condition, Sensory / Visual

Inspection at the place of manufacture

Pre-shipment Inspection


Certification of quality management system ISO 9001

Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification OHSAS 18001

Certificate of environmental management system ISO 14001

Certification of ISO 50001 energy management system

Certification of greenhouse systems under JCM and ISCC

Certification for standard conformity announcement


Testing labor environment

Other sub-industries belonging to Consumer Goods and Retail



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We analyze and check if your product can be tested/inspected/certified


We receive the product and its documents


Bring your product and its documents to our certification office


Final report


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