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Mekonglink is ready to provide nationwide inspection, testing and evaluation services for basic and industrial chemicals to help ensure the brand and reputation of our customers.

Industrial chemicals are all the products of the chemical industry. Industrial chemicals relate to every aspect of our lives.

The chemical industry produces three types of chemicals:

  • Basic chemicals are chemicals produced in large quantities, mainly used in chemical industries and other industries before becoming products to the general consumer.
  • Specialty chemicals include paints and inks, dyes (dyes and pigments) and chemicals used by various industries such as textiles, paper and engineering.
  • Consumer chemicals are those manufactured from basic chemicals, which are sold directly to the general public for the purpose of consumption, for example detergents, soaps, synthetic chemicals for sanitary and cosmetic purposes, perfumes.

In Vietnam, the chemical industry is considered to be a key of the industrial sector. Without the chemical industry, it will not be possible to create products that serve the development of the industry. However, chemicals are very easy to change or deteriorate when not well preserved or transported. For example, when it comes into contact with water or other free gases in the air, many chemicals are affected and changed in quality that results in loss of commercial value.

In order to ensure the origin, component, ingredients and optimize profits, Mekonglink helps you evaluate basic and industrial chemical products. The Mekonglink certification will be a firm foundation for businesses to penetrate all markets and minimize risks.

Mekonglink's services for basic and industrial chemical products include:


Safety tests (arsenic, manganese, copper, cadmium, lead, mercury, …)

Identify components

Testing and analysis of chemical compounds

Testing of physical characteristics

Microbiological tests

Toxic test

Biodegradation test

Packaging testing


Conformity assessment

Inspection of quantity and quality

Verification of origin

Packaging, marking inspection

Sensory / Visual


Certificate of environmental management system ISO 14001

Certification of quality management system ISO 9001

Certification for standard conformity announcement by mode 7/8

Certificate of greenhouse effect under JCM and ISCC

Other sub-industries belonging to Chemical



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