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Mekonglink offers a wide range of conformity assessment services for cosmetic products to ensure quality, safety, eficiency and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Cosmetics are products such as lipstick, lotion, makeup … used on the human body to beautify, create attractiveness or change appearance. An indispensable part in the daily life of human.

Whether you are a manufacturer, retailer, or consumer, the quality and safety of cosmetic products is very important. Ingredients, materials, formulars in cosmetics have an impact on the efficiency, aesthetics, and most importantly, the health and safety of the user. Consequently, regulators and end-users are increasingly attached to the evidence of suitability for the quality and utility of cosmetic products, from raw materials to finished products.

Our experts help you evaluate, minimize risk and prove that your material, production process, product is in accordance with the latest quality and safety standards. The best way to get your product into every market in the world.

Mekonglink solutions for cosmetic products include:


Identify components

Testing and analysis of chemical compounds

Testing of physical characteristics

Microbiological tests

Toxic test

Biodegradation test

Packaging testing


Inspection of quantity and quality

Verification of origin

Condition assessment

Loss Assessment; loss allocation

Inspection in the process of production (shop inspection)

Pre-Shipment Inspection

Witness test


Certification of quality management system

Certification for standard conformity announcement


Evaluation of Good Manufacturing Practices – GMP

Evaluation of HACPP

Factory Review

Environmental Impact Assessment

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