Energy & Exploitation


Mekonglink's quality assurance and testing services aim to classify and evaluate the quality of energy sources in accordance with the requirements and national regulations.

Demand for energy

Energy industries, such as coal, oil, gas and biofuels, are becoming increasingly important, and in the future they will grow even further. It can be clearly seen that the trend of gasoline fuel consumption has always been increasing at a rapid pace in the last two decades. In particular, in Vietnam, from a coal exporter, at the current time, has had to import coal to meet the demand from new thermal power plants goes into operation.

Testing and evaluating the quality of energy sources

This aformentioned development and demand not only creates diversification of energy sources, but also has a certain impact on quality management and creates new standards of quality and safety for production units, distribution of energy products.

Mekonglink’s quality assurance and testing services will help power producers bring their products to the distributors and consumers in the country more easily and more accessible to the global market through meeting the common standards of the world.

The types of energy services of Mekonglink include:


Analyzes determine the chemical composition

Test & Analyze chemical compounds, additives

Testing of physical characteristics

Test of physical and chemical properties

Testing of metal content

Toxic test, organic solvent

Power consumption test

Energy efficiency test


Quantity & Volume (at tank, storage, transport)

Measure the tank

Inspection of quality according to the required standards

Visually determine the status

Inspection of means of transport

Measuring & calibrating measuring instruments


Safety evaluation of equipment

Evaluation of electrical equipment suitability

Quality testing on request


Vendor Verification & Reviews

Other sub-industries belonging to Energy and Exploitation



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Final report


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