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Construction Material

Mekonglink is a stable inspection, testing and certification business in the field of construction materials in Vietnam.

Construction materials are any materials used for construction purposes. Many of the substances present in nature, such as clay, rock, sand, and wood, even branches and leaves, have been used to build buildings. In order to create sustainable structures, a house must be constructed of solid materials that meet the building criteria.

Mekonglink with a team of experienced professionals committed to support units and enterprises need to assess the certification of building materials

List of main construction materials:

  • Cement, additives for cement and concrete: Portland cement, Portland cement mix, Portland cement, Portland cement mix, sulfur blast furnace slag. Cement, fly ash for concrete, mortar and cement (fly ash for concrete and mortar, fly ash for cement), phosphorus plaster for cement production.
  • Construction glass: float glass, heat-absorbing glass, reflective glass, low-reflective glass, silver-coated glass.
  • Bricks, paving stones: semi-dry ceramic tiles, ceramic tiles, natural stone tiles.
  • Building sand: Natural sand for concrete and mortar, sand for concrete and mortar.
  • Construction materials: bricks, clay, hollow brick, clay brick, concrete products, air foam concrete products and foam concrete.
  • Other building materials: asbestos cement sheet, asbestos cement for asbestos cement sheet, gypsum board, emulsion paint, polyvinyl chloride non-plastic pipes (PVC-U) Polypropylene (PE) pipes for water supply, Polypropylene pipes (PP) for hot and cold water supply, aluminum profiles for profile applications. For making windows and doors, non-plastic vinyl chloride (PVC-U) for windows and doors.

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