Developed from the beginning of its establishment, Mekonglink's maritime inspection solutions provide the most secure and accurate information on vessels, cargo on board, suitability and safety of vessels.

With superior cargo handling capabilities, the same superiority of efficiency, fleets, boats and maritime vehicles have important implications for the world economy and the lives of human. Along with that, the efficient operation and safety of marine service works such as floating docks, bunkers, docks, tanks, containers, pipes, etc. determine the success of every voyage.

Mekonglink’s maritime inspection solutions help state management agencies, enterprises, individuals, cargo owners, ship owners, port owners, entrusted agents, insurance companies, banks, etc. identify the most accurate information about boats and cargo onboard ships. All of them provide absolute confidence in every decision regarding the quantity, quality, safety and suitability of all maritime vehicles and cargo carried by shipping.

Maritime inspection and related services

To assess the capability of vessels, equipment, fuel and water

Inspection of the operational capacity of the wharf, harbor

Sampling, inspection and testing of safety, quality of cargo

Determination of bulk cargo by the draft method (draft inspection)

Determination of liquid volume by volume measurement

Inspection of cleanliness, tightness, cargo hold suitability and cargo volume measurement

Supervision before and during loading and unloading of goods

Pre-Shipment Inspection

Ship inspection on/off hire survey

Inspection of safety of ships, boats, floating docks, navigational means before repair or demolition

Inspection and distribution of cargo and means of transport

Valuation of vessels

Other sub-industries belonging to Maritime



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