Supply Chain Management - Dedicated Assistants

SCM Service Description

A business/organization largely depends on robust supply management processes. Wouldn't it be great if you had an professional local assistant to take care of the supplies of your business in sourcing country?

With MEKONGLINK Supply Chain Management (SCM) VPA at your service, you can keep a track of all the functions in your business that is related to supply management. Your VPA would set up lines of credit with your suppliers / vendors and monitor them, keeping the credit information current and accurate. The main aim of your SCM VPA would be to control costs, efficiently allocate resources and gather information, which you can use while making strategic business decisions.

Tasks of SCM VPA

Conduct Research on Prospective suppliers and vendors

Inventory control and management

Management of supplies of stationery

Strategic planning and sourcing

Negotiating purchasing and procurement deals

Supplier evaluation

Relationship management with suppliers

Quality First

We understand that performance and reliability are critical so we focus extensively on the quality of our team members—providing you with experienced professionals who have the skills to step straight in and play a key role in your business. Your dedicated virtual assistant can integrate into your team to interact seamlessly with your clients, suppliers, and other team members.

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