Technical Service Center - Dedicated Assistants

TSC Service Description

It’s a common misconception that a virtual assistant just answers phones and schedules appointments. MEKONGLINK Virtual project assistnats offer support with everything from project management to technical supports. Our VPA can provide you with a resource that is experienced, knowledgeable and profitable.

Tasks of TSC VPA

Responding to customers’ queries via phone or other means of communication quickly so that they’re not left hanging, as well as directing important calls to you

Returning phone calls on your behalf, possibly guided by the scripts you prepared in advance

Creating ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section on your website and updating it

Tactfully handling customers’ complaints

Answering customers’ questions in real-time via live chat to encourage and reassure those who are nearly ready to make a purchase by providing human support

Recording all or the most common customer complaints in order to learn how to avoid them in the future and to improve customer experience

Doing any other necessary tasks to ensure customer satisfaction

Quality First

We understand that performance and reliability are critical so we focus extensively on the quality of our team members—providing you with experienced professionals who have the skills to step straight in and play a key role in your business. Your dedicated virtual assistant can integrate into your team to interact seamlessly with your clients, suppliers, and other team members.

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Questions For Our Services
If you have any specific questions about our service, please don't hesitate to ask us. Please choose a specific service for our detailed answer. You are also welcome to ask general questions! These services are add-ons to our VPA service, please don't misunderstand.

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