YK Industrial Eco-friendly Remover

Stain Remover / Rust Remover / Scale Remover

Our industrial eco-friendly remover/cleanser are made up of organic acids, not minerals of general cleaning agents, so when used, there is no damage to the skin of users, no damage to objects, and environmental protection is also effective.

100% eco-friendly cleaning agent verified by several countries with selective safety standard.

Classification: Industrial Eco-friendly Remover/Cleanser

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Country of sale: Africa, Middle East, Americas, Asia, Europe

Origin/Technology: Republic of Korea

Brand: YK Corporation

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There are five Remover types

  • Scale Remover (Coffee machine cleaner)
  • Industrial Oil Stain Remover
  • Mould Remover
  • Old Stain Remover
  • Rust Remover



We can often see the machine being scaled because of the lime in the water. And most of the materials that we are currently using to erase scale are harmful materials such as sulfuric acid and nitric acid. But our products are made up to vinegar additives and natural bio-components, so they are harmless to the human body and are environmentally friendly.

It is mainly used to remove the scale of coffee machine, boiler, water supply and water pipes.

Especially, in case of coffee machine, we strongly recommend using our own products and our own machines. Then it can be cleaned at a much lower price and i n a shorter period of time than the traditional method. They will also help you easily and safely clean up regularly.



It is industrial, it can be used in various facilities such as buildings, hospitals, lodgings, cultural properties, research facilities, sports, swimming pools, etc.

Only contaminants can be removed and safe for use by humans, surrounding natural substances and raw materials.



Protein decomposition dissolves the protein membrane of the fused wall first, and the working component penetrates and breaks down the fungus, eliminating the possibility of reproducibility, sterilizing power of 99%!

For interior and exterior walls of buildings (ceiling, floor, wallpaper, etc.)

Remove mold, discolored from cigarette smoke, soot, etc.




My cleaning partner’s rust remover is safe and easy. If you wait 10 seconds, you can remove rust perfectly. It is non-chemical, non-toxic odors because of using food additive ingredients. Also no more headaches!

Not only it can eliminate pollution, but also eliminate cause of pollution. It has bactericidal effect too. Only 100% environmentaly friendly detergent was used. Our rust remover can show definite effect.



Removal of all types of oil dirty only safety components available for hospital and food factory. Main use vegetable oil as cooking oil, animal oil as human hand dirt, etc. Oil mineral by car exhaust, interior wall.

Food facilities (floor, cooker, etc.) My cleaning partner removes oil dirt through emulsion and solubilization work instead of peeling, finishing work only with spreading and wiping.



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