Endovision Arthross Plasma RF system

Disposable surgical set used in hair implant surgery

The hair implanting device for hair implantation used to transplant hair on the scalp and is largely composed of a body part and a graft needle. It is an automatic feeding device that can reduce the time of hair implantation. It is safe and the implanting needle varies depending on the size of the hair follicle. It is also used as a disposable for hygienic surgery.

Since the hair roots are separated one by one and implanted by a lancet, there is almost no bleeding and scarring, and hair can be naturally controlled after surgery because it can be arbitrarily adjusted, such as the direction, angle, and density of the hair.

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The New Arthross by Endovision

Founded in 2013, ENDOVISION participated in the development of UBE (Unilateral Biportal Endoscopy)Spi-  nal endoscopy and holds technology and intellectual patents for UBE-dedicated medical devices. Starting  with that, we expanded and optimized the technology to one-portal spinal endoscope, sports medicine,  ENT area.

In particular, we have developed a high-tech plasma generator to ensure safe and precise operation and  maximize the surgical effect by possessing innovative technology capable of realizing more stable expres-  sion of medical plasma instead of a simple electrical signals.


Stages of plasma generation

First stage: Vapor gas piston formation Decreases heat emission and increase in surface temperature.

Second stage: Stage of vapor film pulsation Tissue ablation occurs during this stage.

Third stage: Reduction of amplitude of current across the electrodes.

Fourth stage: Dissipation of electron energy at the electrod surface

Fifth stage: Thermal dissipation of energy this stage is essentially due to recombination of plasma ions,  active atoms, and molecules.

These stages explain why coblation is effective if applied intermittently.

This ensures the constant presence of stage of vapour film pulsation which is important for tissue ablation


Plasma Effect on tissue

The effect of plasma is purely chemical and not thermal.

Plasma generates H and OH ions. These ions that make  plasma destructive. OH, radical causes of protein degrada-  tion. When Coblation is being used to perform surgery the  interface between the plasma and dissected tissue acts as a  gate for charged particles.

Coblation causes low-temperature molecular disintegration.  This causes volumetric removal of tissue with minimal  damage to adjacent tissue. (Collateral damage is low).

Temperatures: 40 ° C – 70 ° C  Thermal penetration: Minimal Deep

Effects on Target tissue: Gentle removal

Dissolution Effects on surrounding tissue: Minimal dissolution

RF Plasma generator made by ENDOVISION is applicable to all surgery as well as all area like Spine,  Sports Medicine and ENT.

It shows sophisticated signals and diversified levels 1-9 to meet the needs required from each indication.


RF Console


ENDOVISION RF Plasma is able to quickly and efficiently  ablate, coagulate, and hemostasis the target tissue at  a relatively low temperature of 40~70 ℃, unlike

high-temperature operations.

Depending on the target area, level 1 to 9 steps can be  a sophisticated operation.

※ [Notice] Next generation Product.

DUAL ACTION type console Expected to be released in the second half of 2020.



Electrical energy flows through the active and return electrodes, and saline creates a plasma sheath  that is precisely concentrated around the electrodes. Plasma sheath consist of large charged particles  that can generate sufficient energy for strong oxidation when accelerated by an electric field.

The energy generated is so powerful that it breaks the bonds of organic molecules within the tissue  and allows the tissue to rapidly dissolve to a molecular and atomic level at a relatively low temperature of  40-70 ° C. This product provides rapid and efficient ablation and resection of tissue at relatively low  temperatures.



When electrical energy acts on the tissue, joule heat and electromagnetic wave effects are created  around the electrode tips, resulting in immediate coagulation of tissue proteins and sealing of small  blood vessels, thus achieving coagulation and hemostasis of the target tissue.

The surgical procedure by plasma resection allows efficient hemostasis while preserving mucosa and  fibrous tissue.

Unlike past high temperature thermal coagulation, plasma technology adjusts the operating temperature  to 40-70˚C to minimize thermal damage to normal tissues and coagulate the helical structure of  collagen molecules to maintain cell viability.



Arthross probe

Comprehensive Probe Collection for Every Indication

– CE & FDA Approved

– All fit in Spinal, Arthroscopy, ENT

– Compact Design for user convenience

– World first Higher power level(1-9)

– Free voltage for global version

– R&D for next generation



– Capsular/Ligament/Tendon Coagulation, Ligament Excision, fusion, disk


– Synovectomy/Plica Removal, Articular Cartilage Debridement  (Chondroplasty)

– Bursectomy, glenoidal labrum Resection, Meniscectomy


– Rotator Cuff Resection, Bursectomy, glenoidal labrum Resection  Subacromial Decompression, Frozen Shoulder Release


– Tendon Debridement, TFCC Wrist


NOTE: The information indicated above is intended as for a guideline. Surgeon should use each best medical judgement depending on each patient  and surgery situation.


Stable generation of plasma

Controllers with state-of-the-art technology create a superior plasma layer with a fast response.  You can precisely adjust the size of the plasma area at levels 1 to 9 by supplying the correct amount  of power.

Accurate and stable temperature minimizes thermal energy damage to normal tissue.  Surgical ablation and coagulation can be performed smoothly.


Excellent thermal stability


Completed product stability and validation through clinical trials

Surgical Testing Result Data & Evaluation report by Doctor

Dr. Lee (Severance Hospital)

“The new Arthross RF System by Endovision was excellent operated with precisely and  smoothly with a consistent supplying of power. We satisfied the quality of ablation and coagulation during surgery.

In special, was much higher performance of suction functionally than the competitors.

I should strongly recommend this new Arthross RF System to all surgeon I know globally.”

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