KNU Hair Implanter

Disposable surgical set used in hair implant surgery

The hair implanting device for hair implantation used to transplant hair on the scalp and is largely composed of a body part and a graft needle. It is an automatic feeding device that can reduce the time of hair implantation. It is safe and the implanting needle varies depending on the size of the hair follicle. It is also used as a disposable for hygienic surgery.

Since the hair roots are separated one by one and implanted by a lancet, there is almost no bleeding and scarring, and hair can be naturally controlled after surgery because it can be arbitrarily adjusted, such as the direction, angle, and density of the hair.

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Origin/Technology: Republic of Korea

Brand: Metapharm Korea

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Features of KNU Hair Implanter

1. Developed by Dr. Jung-Chul Kim at KNUH

– History of over 20 years of usage

– World wide usage

2. Best for Follicular Unit Transplantation

– 4 different sizes

  + Fine: fine hair for eyebrow

  + Small: 1 hair follicular unit

  + Medium: 2 hair follicular unit

  + Large: 3 hair follicular unit

3. Single step implantation

– No needle for slits or holes

4. Fastest

– Enables 1,500 – 2,000 hairs to be transplanted in an hour

5. Highest survival rate

– No touch of the hair root

– Guarantee highest follicle survival

With easy control of the direction, density and angle of hair, transplant can be performed more comfortably resulting more natrual appearance


KNU Hair Implanter Assembly

KNU Hair Implanter can control the length of insertion needle easily through “Needle Controller”


Needle Machining

– Using high-quality metal

– Wide and uniform slit specification

– Exquisitely produced and sharpened

Expansion picture by a high-resolution microscope


How to use Hair Implanter

  1. The user should sterilize the device before use.
    ※ Steam Sterilization under High Pressure: Put the product into the Autoclave, conceal it and process it at steam pressure 121~135 ℃ for 10 to 30 minutes.
  2. Attach a follicle to the needle part of the implanter that is assembled correctly.
  3. Insert the needle part with the follicle to a proper position of scalp.
  4. Squeeze Outer Body, set the follicle in the scalp and remove the needle from the scalp.


Hair Implanter & Replacement Needle

Hair Implanter

Have the needle size printed by the internal components to be easily identified when assembling the model.

Before using hair implanter, doctors must execute a sterilization.


Needle Replacement

Replacement Needle is disposable.


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