Mekonglink provides a full range of solutions for analyzing and testing commodity products, assisting enterprises and communities to assess the level of compliance with regulatory standards and regulations of State management regarding quality, safety, performance and sustainable development.

Globalization has changed the world, opening up new markets, supplies, regulations and products. Consumers and state management agencies increasingly demand higher quality, safety, performance and sustainability of the product, putting great pressure on manufacturers, transportor, distributor and trader. Mekonglink can help you manage the problem at the root by understanding the characteristics of the product, assessing the suitability of the goods compare to the standards and regulations of the State management.

Mekonglink testing services can be flexibly implemented in the field, at Mekonglink’s state-of-the-art laboratories, or witness testing at the production site, providing the data you need to optimize the process, bringing your products to the market quickly, economically, conveniently and effectively. 

Our experts and analysts are fully equipped with equipment, qualifications and experience to meet the testing needs and time of community and business. Mekonglink is also designated by state management agencies to carry out many inspection activities in service of State management and specialized management.


Sampling and sample preparation

Visual inspection

Determine the name of goods, utility

Analysis of mechanical indicators

Chemical analysis

Microbiological examination

Analyze and evaluate conformity to standards and requirements

Analysis of toxic substances, residues of pesticides and pesticides

Analysis of antibiotic residue content

Inspection of food safety and hygiene

Safety checks for linings, packages, and goods

Consultancy & other special services as required


Food safety

Agrochemical products

Livestock feed

Microbiology, genetics (GMO)

Chemistry, chemical products

Consumer goods and retail

Environment and quality of life

Mining and energy

Coal, solid fuel

LPG, liquid fuel

Building materials

Energy efficiency

Power electronics

Non Destructive Testing (NDT)


Mekonglink is designated to perform testing services for Mandatory State Management in various fields of goods and products. VILAS accredited laboratory system is ready to meet the requirements with the highest efficiency.

  • Food safety
  • Animal feeding
  • Fertilizer
  • Petroleum and LPG
  • Textile
  • Napkin and tissue paper
  • Pesticide residues
  • Steel and contstruction material


  • Mechanical: Products, metallic and non-materials, weld and Non- Destructive Testing (NDT):
  • Consumer goods: packaging, appliances used in direct contact with foods and beverages, textile articles and accessories leather, shoes, papers, ink, plastic, wooden furniture and children toys.
  • Construction: materials and structures
  • Electrical – electronic: household and office appliances, electric tools.
  • Chemicals: basic chemicals, fertilizers, plant protection agents, solvents, aromatherapy, cosmetics, detergent and fine art gold.
  • Environment: water, wasted water, sludge, solid and liquid waste, residue of plan protection agents, toxic substances in raw materials
  • Petroleum & Gas: gasoline, Diesel fuel oils, Biofuels, Fuel oils, liquid petroleum additives for petroleum products.
  • Agriculture and foodstuffs: agricultural products, additives, material (agricultural, aquatic products), animal feeds…
  • Food safety and hygiene & food quality: fresh foods, processed foods, food additives, functional foods…
  • Microbiology and Genetically modified organisms (GMO): agricultural products, foodstuffs, animal feeds, micro-organic fertilizers, probiotics..

List of fields provided for testing service by Mekonglink



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Testing, Inspection and Certification services

Ensuring quantity and quality of produced and delivered commodities in accordance with requirements, contracts, national standards and technical regulations.

Certification of standard and regulation conformity, help goods circulate smoothly in the market.


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