Online Market Research - Virtual Project Assistant

OMR Service Description

All great projects begin with research. And every business must conduct online research to get the information it needs to grow. It could be statistical data on a niche market, information about a competitor, the contact information of potential leads, or patent information on a subject.

From understanding your target market to running competitive intelligence to finding industry benchmarks, there’s never a shortage of things for you to look up.

Our VPA will conduct research remotely, according to your specifications, sharing a clean and structured output of their findings.

Tasks of OMR VPA

Multilingual market research: Coherent Understanding of Localization Issues and Cultural Sensitivity

Database research: Our VPA will mine data from the web, organize it into a database, and regularly update it for you

Influencer research: Stay up-to-date on trends; and influencers, in your field. Keep track of the right ones for your brand. Your VPA will scan through thousands of profiles for you, and present their findings to you

Find statistics you can share with your investors

Help you identify weakness and strengths in your own business

Identify opportunities for advancement in your industry

Help narrow down vendor choices by features and price

Write a report for you with key benchmarks and where your business falls

Quality First

We understand that performance and reliability are critical so we focus extensively on the quality of our team members—providing you with experienced professionals who have the skills to step straight in and play a key role in your business. Your dedicated virtual assistant can integrate into your team to interact seamlessly with your clients, suppliers, and other team members.

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