Virtual Sales Support - Dedicated Assistants

VSS Service Description

Without a strong sales team, businesses cannot sustain and grow. The sales process goes through different stages and varied challenges are posed at each and every stage of the process. However, maintaining a dedicated in-house sales team for the entire process can be tedious and expensive.

Establish your strong sales team by hiring MEKONGLINK Virtual Sales Support (VSS) VPA. Our knowledgeable VPA with a comprehensive knowledge and strong education(MEKONGLINK VPAs have at least university degrees) of various industrial domains provide bespoke solutions and professional assistance.

In addition, when you hire a VPA from MEKONGLINK, you are also assigned a project manager to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Tasks of VSS VPA

Conduct Research on Prospective Customers, Cold and/or Warm Leads

Promotes your products or services to your target market

Lead generation:Searching online or mining social media for prospects will give your sales team the most promising business opportunities.

Maintaining & Updating Your CRM: One of the most mundane but important task, our virtual assistants can ensure that your CRM is kept clean. Data cleansing ensures that you have up-to-date data to work on your sales process.

Visit Followers Pages or Social platform and Like Pics and Posts

Engaging with influencers related to your business and build up Social media network for your brand

Assist with Sales reports

Ensure Follow-ups are happening at the right time intervals

Quality First

We understand that performance and reliability are critical so we focus extensively on the quality of our team members—providing you with experienced professionals who have the skills to step straight in and play a key role in your business. Your dedicated virtual assistant can integrate into your team to interact seamlessly with your clients, suppliers, and other team members.

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